This game project was a short Point and Click Adventure made with Adventure Game Studio, and was entered into a one month game jam contest (MAGS June 2017).
The general game design, story, dialogs where produced by Brane and Pangaea (fractalscapes)
Programing by Brane
All Graphics and Presentation by Pangaea (fractalscapes)
City Sequence and Game End Sequence Animated by Brane

We only had one month to produce this, however in reality we only started proper work on the project with just over 3 weeks left till the deadline.

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This whole page contains visual spoilers!

Background Screen Graphics
Click on any image to see a 300% Scaled up version.

OxyGen Administration Office

4Play Massage Club: Lobby
4Play: Janitor's Room 4Play: Elevator
4Play: Basement

4Play: Floor 13 Hallway

Puzzle Screen Graphics

Janitor Door Lock Puzzle

Janitor Lock Hint Puzzle
Room 101101101 Door Lock Puzzle

Basement Transformer Box Puzzle

Other Screen Graphics

4Play: Catalog Tablet

OxyGen Office Locker
Cityscape: Narrated Animated Sequence

Title Screen

Closing Background / Night Skyscape

Character Designs

The Main NPC Sprites

The Player Sprite

Drone Sprite Animated Sequence

Catalog Characters

Animated Elements
Many of these animations have been converted to gif to show on this website. Unfortunately has compressed some of them down to 256colors so they looks fuzzy/noisy. They look perfect in the game itself.

Elevator: Flickering Light Elevator: Moving (Older Version of Elevator)

Basement Elevator Exit Doors Janitor's Room Elevator Lobby: Elevator

Fidget Spinner

Fish Bowl Clock Record Player

Fly Flies Electric Shock

Laptop Screen (Janitors Room) , Randomly chosen when a new game is started.

Animated Video Sequences
Unfortunately we had to compress these videos so much for the game + had other video issues that theses videos look very blurry

Video: Cityscape Sequence

Video: Closing Spoof Credits

Promo Wallpapers