Although I mentioned in previous posts that this project is a "learn as I go along" thing, I have decided to give myself goals to achieve in a certain timeline and sequence. I guess this will not only help me focus more on getting things done under a time limit, but will also give anyone who happens to be following the progress of the project a general rough timeline of when things will be happening.

For the most part this timeline is a rough estimate of how I would like things to happen, and will most likely change as I know more about what I'm doing and what's to be done.

By January / February

- Have a clear and solid idea of the core story that may change or evolve with progress.

- Have at least 1 other example of another maze theme ready to showcase.
- Have many more objects made.
- Learn how to implement sound effects with UDK.
- Develop (Concept or Practical) at least one example of a puzzle.
- Develop some animated aspects of the labyrinth.
- In general be more familiar with Kismet and Matinee

By April / June
- Have a playable demo of a small scale labyrinth ready for distribution.
- Start build on the actual, full size labyrinth that will be the final game.
- Have story and alternate story timelines fully developed.
- Have more practical examples of puzzles
- Have developed more themed zones.
- Start to think / work on atmospheric music for the game.
- Have a good idea / examples of game presentation, such as cut scene art / GUI art..etc

By August / September
- Have a 2nd and final demo ready using what I've learnt and created so far, better presented.
- Have made good progress in building the full size labyrinth.
- Have made good progress with music, and sound assets

Out to 2015......
- Within this period get some promotion done.
- Get feedback from previous demo release.
- Continue to build Labyrinth.
- Experiment and try to implement more dynamic interactive features
- Experiment and try to implement other dynamic features such as day/nigh, weather..etc
- Final optimize assets and game.
- Game testing and bug fixing
- Polish and Presentation

Sometime in 2015......
- Release