I have not made any progress with the game itself this week, however I have been busy with other aspects of the project such as this new website. The website is just a simple enough site mostly to house the project progress diary section which I hope to update regularly.
Each post article has a comment box so people can leave feedback now. I listed ways to get in touch with me in the contact section, and have written some introductory text about what the project is all about. Down at the end of each page you`ll see various links to social networking sites, so feel free to connect and follow the games progress.

This week I intend to get busy working on the game itself, so stay tuned for any progress.

In addition to the website, I have submitted the project on IndieDB. I did not want to start to promote the project till it was at a little more advanced stage, but I thought I may aswell get it out there to see if I could get some feedback on the early concept & ideas.

Check out Project Labyrinth on IndieDB