The Maze theme zones as briefly described in previous posts will be areas of the maze that differ in looks and atmosphere but has to be in keeping and realistic to a victorian classical formal garden/architecture. This period brought in alot of influence from ancient civilizations, it was an ear of exploration, archeology, and people of high standing wanted these influences in their homes, and gardens.
We see egyptian influence, roman and greek, chinese, persian, indian. The themes have to fit into that era, so what the player sees in the maze would have not been un-usual to see in a formal walled garden at that time.
Along with the influence from other geographical locations and cultures, the maze will feature other themed zones that would be in fitting with this era.
Zones may gradually change between each other or suddenly change depending on the situation, for example the player is walk for a while and gradually sees Celtic influenced things, the further the player walks toward that "Celtic" Zone the more the look of the maze will reflect that theme. Or in other cases the player might come to a locked gate or door while being in one zone.. then opening the door will suddenly be into a different zone.

So here are a few possible zones I was thinking that are in keeping to the specific era/style

- Japanese / Eastern Zone
Things you might see in a traditional formal japanese garden, and other general japanese influences.
- Walls, Archways, Pillar sections will be of a traditional japanese style
- Wood arch bridges over calming streams
- Raked pebble beds with traditional spirals
- Granite japanese ornaments
- Potted bonsai trees
- Larger traditional garden trees such as cherry blossoms, acer`s, various reads.
- Water pools / swimming giant gold fish
- Atmospheric traditional ambient classical japanese music
- General japanese inscriptions, symbols used to theme the clues or puzzles of the game in this particular zone.

- Celtic zone
- Walls, Archways, Pillar sections will have a celtic look about them
- Prop objects might include standing stones, pots, rune posts, spiral etched stones
- Walls and objects might include celtic symbols as clues or part of puzzles.
- Suitable music and atmospherics

- Egyptian Zone
- Walls, Archways, Pillar sections will be in the style of ancient egypt
- Zone prop objects might include obelisks, pyramids, god statues
- Parts of walls and other objects might have hryaglphys as part of puzzles
- Patches of sand replacing the moss of the default maze
- Suitable music for that zone

- Overgrown Zone
This zone could be similar to the default theme, but has an extremely overgrown and never maintained look to it.
- Walls, Archways, Pillar sections will have think moss all over them
- Creepers, Vines, Ivy growing over walls
- Wall/Floor textures will show much more cracks, missing bricks..etc
- Broken and cracked prop objects, such as vases, pots, statues...etc

- Winter / Fall Zone
A zone of the maze where it will look and feel like winter/fall.
- Walls, Archways, Pillar sections will reflect the theme style, such as snow acclumated on the tops, and sides will have a frosty look
- Snow drifts accumulated in certain areas
- frozen puddles
- Accumulated dead leaves
- Bare trees
- Cold sky / lighting shader
- Ice sculptures, that may be key to clues or puzzles.

- Classical Roman Zone
- The same idea as the previous zones i described but using neo classical roman influence set into a formal Victorian style walled garden context

- Classical Greek Zone
- The same idea as the previous zones i described but using neo classical ancient greek influence set into a formal victoria style walled garden context

- Chess / Playing Card Zone
- Think alice in wonderland here.
- Checkerboard paving
- Topiary plants of chess characters
- Statues, of dice, playing cards, kings queens, knights,..etc etc
- Hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds, joker, royal symbology