- Made an iron gate, just a basic one, also testing what material looks best. although just is just a gate section, i will use the same style thoughout certain areas of the maze for fencing, gates..etc

- Introduced myself to UDK`s powerful Kismet and Matinee editors, Kismet is where the bulk of the game mechanics are put together, which includes programming and other things, Matinee is the editor in UDK where you set up animations, triggers, reactions, cut scenes..etc etc ... So i learnt how to have the gate open and close if player is within a proximity trigger range. Knowing how to do this opens up many more possibilities for the maze, for example to have hidden areas, of locked gates..etc or many other types of animations.

- Video shows a quick time lapse of the making of the gate model itself, then a walk through the maze to inspect gate better and also to test and demonstrate the gate opening and closing.

Please Select 720p Video Quality