A World Aesthetic/Mechanic Concept for a video game

This document is a brief description of a general world aesthetic that could be a setting for any number of game genres.
However for the context of explanation I will use a generic 3rd person game as an example, such as a 3rd person platform game, exploration game or whatever. And in this example of a 3rd person game I will suggest simple mechanics in which it could work in a game play context.

The game world takes place on the surface of a hollow sphere. The player character can move about this sphere just like on the surface of a planet or moon. There are two parts to this world,. the overworld as just explained, and an underworld which takes place on the "inside" of the sphere surface.

The player character can at certain points move between the overworld and underworld, an example of this could be chutes/tubes that connect the two worlds at a defined point.

The game will emphasize the difference in worlds by a few things, one of which is the obvious "lay" of the terrain. When the player is "overworld" the terrain will sweep away into the distance in a "concave" manner, just as if you where standing on a small moon or whatever. When the player is "underworld" there will be an obvious "convex" lay of the terrain, as if the player is in a spherical rama object . Also see Game of Thrones Intro for an inner spherical example.

1. An example scene as if the player was on the "overworld" side. The hole/tube is a connection to a point on the "underworld" side.


3. Zooming out even more you can see the spherical nature of the world.




If the player fell down the chute , they would end up in the "underworld",



Zooming out a little more you can see the obvious of the convex terrain




If we where to cut this world in half to show how one tube/chute connected to the worlds.

The red line is demonstrating where the connected to the two worlds are.


Just another example of how the same connection tube/chute (or whatever) is inextricably connecting the two worlds.


Taking a look at at a 2D cross section of this world idea to help demonstrate other attributes that a 3rd person 3d game could feature.


In this 2nd cross-section example the red line circle represents where a constant force of gravity is emitted or in the case of a game with no physics this red circle couple represent a simple orientation of world assets (and player).

The blue cone gradient is a representation of an example of a draw distance/haze/fog/dof falloff

The additional time switching mechanic