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Old school arcade action with a modern 3D perspective! Defend your cities from nuclear attack before it's too late. Target and destroy incoming missiles with your rocket launchers. Classic hardcore gameplay.

An alien lifeform capable of shapeshifting is hiding among the passengers. Will humans be able to eradicate the alien menace? Will the infection spread instead? Will you be able to destroy the ship and escape from this nightmare? .

voogzy & Pangaea
UFO Explorer
A 2D scroller game of finesse, extremely easy to pick up yet frustratingly hard to master. Land safely as you pilot your UFO through extraterrestrial caverns with aliens determined to make your journey end in failure.

Tales from the Eureka Cluster : The Abtyon Case
A point-and-click adventure game made in AGS, relating how the crew of the Freelance Scavenger Vessel “Thrift” was heroically and competently saved by Jeff Tobel, a man considered barely competent to serve as her inventory officer.

Don' Be Patchman
Help Patchman rescue the Sheeple from enslavement by the Drone army! The Sheeple are in trouble - they've been enslaved by the Drones - and it's all Patchman's fault! Rescue the Sheeple, and uncover the awful secret behind the Drone army.

SightLine VR
A surreal experience designed as a demoing tool. Crafted to throw users into the world of VR, and show off it's full potential both in creating variety of worlds that feel real and creating realities that behave unlike anything you might know.

Ancient Beast
Ancient Beast is a turn based strategy indie game project, played against other people (or bots) in hotseat or online modes, featuring a wide variety of units to acquire and put to good use in order to defeat all your opponents in battle.

A Procedurally generated, space survival exploration game. Explore the farthest reaches of the universe. Get it now for iPad.

Card Match 3D
The "AAA title" of card matching games!. A card matching game like no other, offering many unique features like Power-Ups, Customizable, Artificial Intelligence, Multiplayer, High quality soundtrack, and much more!.

Brutal Nature
A multiplayer 3d survival PC game where everything in the game can be crafted and destroyed. Life in Brutal Nature is about survival in the wilderness on an island by gathering resources for crafting, building structures, hunting and being hunted.

Legion TD 2
Built from the ground-up it's a Free-to-play Fantasy Turn Based Strategy Game. Coming to you some time in 2015. Vibrant 3D armies and landscapes. several Game Modes, many Races to choose from, lots more.


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